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Champion Change Today

As much as young people and those who care about them do their best to adopt healthier habits and figure out control measures to protect their well-being online, it is an uphill battle against state-of-the-art behavioral engineering applied by profit-driven tech organizations.

If there are solutions available today to make tech better for children from the get-go, why are we asking young people and their caregivers to jump through hoops and engage in the impossible battle to hack the systems to preserve their well-being?

Here are some ways to make a difference:

Join the conversation or share solutions to uncode addictive tech for kids

Are you working on or have information about solutions to uncode addictive tech for kids? Share your ideas by using the hashtag #UncodeAddictiveTech or #SafeTechSafeKids on any social platform and we'll make sure they reach farther.

Join Safe Tech, Safe Kids

If you are part of an organization driving change for young people online and want to get involved, reach out.

Join our events in person or virtually

Participate in the conversation with some of the most inspiring and capable activists and change-makers working to uncode addictive tech for kids

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